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Le Frere Lumiere Episode 2 “Earthquake”, first title of “Le Frère Lumière Episode 2” (9/23/2015) - Hello, Here’s “Earthquake”, the first title of my upcoming EP “Le Frère Lumière Episode 2”. It will be released on Golden Katana Records and as usual, all the profits will be donated in full to genetic diseases research. This title has been chosen as the main title of the game “A Blind Legend“, an audio-only... Read more »
zzzzzzAlter-K-web-610x225 “Very Short Stories” published by Alter-K (3/20/2014) - I am proud to announce that I signed a publishing deal with Alter K for “Very Short Stories”! That means you might hear my music on television, radio or in a movie someday! It represents a major step forward in my project. Alter-K is a french publishing agency specialized in synchronisation, music supervision and production,... Read more »
Our 1st collaborative track is born, and it’s called “Find Me”. (1/12/2014) - After days of work struggling with the samples you sent me, I’ve finally finished my first collaborative track! I’m proud to introduce you “Find Me“, featuring (in alphabetical order) Aelian, Caveman, Croumic, Hankfante, K.A.S., Kheyaks, Laeti, Laëtitia D’Urso, The Bleeping Machine and Wolf Saga. You can download it on Soundcloud. 4T